When asked about this, people are a little surprised when I mention turn-based games like Phantom Brave and puzzle games like Panel de Pon WOTLK Gold alongside obvious analogies like Street Fighter 2 and SpeedBall 2. It takes a while, but in WOTLK Classic, there's a depth that slowly exposes itself as you get used to the core controls. That comes from looking at WOTLK Classic's design as an old-style board game, with simple but expressive and interesting choices at every turn. It's deep enough to be cerebral, but you just happen to play at a very, very high speed.

So, at first, you might be happy to just slide under the enemy attacks and simply dunk the ball. By conventional standards, that's already pretty slick; but in WOTLK Classic, it's considered basic compared to what's possible. It's when you combine the various moves with your teammates that the game really comes alive. Trailblazing a red-hot shot at your enemy, running up a wall, and then alley-ooping the ball into the net as it bounces off your foe's face and back to you is a personal favorite, but it only begins to expose the range of possible combinations.

I guess that's one thing that puts a bit of confidence in me. No matter what stage we've been at buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold during the game's development, I (personally) have always had fun, even with the simple aspects, like running around walls and jumping off straight into a dunk. As we find and fix more bugs, the experience only becomes more refined.