There are also hidden details in Lost Ark, such as finding Mokoko Seeds, which are scattered throughout the Seventh Continent. You need to find them step by step according to the map instructions, they may be hidden in some inconspicuous small places, and you may not be able to find them if you are not careful. More detailed guidance can be consulted at IGGM.

In addition, the Lost Ark will also generate some islands randomly, and these islands are time-limited. Opportunity Island is one of them, an island suitable for novice players without danger. Walking around the island can also wind up with Lost Ark Gold and Island Tokens.

Although the recommendation index of Opportunity Island is not high, the level of items such as Gold Lost Ark obtained is very high. If you want to level up in Lost Ark, you can also increase your relationship with NPCs through NPCs. To level up the game, you can also Buy Gold Lost Ark.

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