The players are convinced Rockstar Games can Lost Ark Gold knock it out of the park in their next game, however there are some wishlist elements that players don't want the developers to miss out on for GTA 6.

It's for this reason that long-time players are looking back at Grand Theft Auto 4's world, which has made Liberty City come alive in an original way.

The map of GTA 4 is so thick and detail. I think that R* should concentrate on the details of the map rather than its size from GTA

The GTA community sided with'reddit_user335 in displaying an image that showed downtown LC as seen in Ballad of Gay Tony then suggested Rockstar should focus the attention centered around the city.

"Dude GTA 4's maps is so thick and buy Lost Ark Gold well refined," they said. "I think [Rockstar] should pay attention to the finer details on the map rather than the size."