Lost Ark has quite a complex card system and one of the issues with this system players are facing is the card catalog is full. What this issue does is, let’s say you open a card set and get 7 cards you might be able to add 3-4 cards to your catalog. But won’t be able to add the remaining cards. So in this guide let us check what you can do with the card catalog is full error in Lost Ark and how to fix it.

Eliminate cards that are not usually necessary: ​​normally the catalog has the capacity to store a total of 120 unique cards and once we manage to reach this limit it is impossible to incorporate new cards, this is because the collection of cards here is usually wide , but it is only possible to equip a total of 6 cards in our deck at a time, which makes it necessary to make a decision about which cards should stay and which unfortunately will have to go according to the stat increases in Lost Ark, some cards do not contribute practically nothing, being these the ones that can be eliminated, this opens the way to having the empty slot and that a new card can occupy it here.

Deleting cards is not a negative-sum action; the deleted cards will grant valuable Card XP that can be used to enhance the abilities of the cards that are actually applied to the player’s active deck, increasing their statistical output while creating space for more important cards in the future.

How to Expand your Card Catalog
You can expand your card catalog by using blue crystals. You can either exchange gold for blue crystals or directly buy the blue crystals as a premium currency. Lastly, you can also expand your Card Deck slot for 500 gold.

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